Apartment details


No. of rooms: 4+kk

Area: 119.7m2

Balcony area: 7.5m2

Terrace area: 11.81m2

Loggia Area: 11.12m2

Availability: Sold

Orientation: J,Z,S

Price: 11 590 500 Kč

Datasheet: 3bc52e96-69dd-4df3-86ba-992178534e2c

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Photos of the completed apartment


* For each apartment belongs two garages, the price of a garage is NOT included in the purchase price of apartment. The purchase price of each garage is 330.000, - CZK without VAT.


** Area is defined by law (calculated according to the methodology of the new Civil Code), ie. floor space units = floor area of all rooms of the apartment, including ground area of vertical bearing and non-bearing structures uvitř apartment.
Apartments with area over 120 m2 are charged with VAT at 21%.